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Live streaming events in a web TV style to create captivating content can engage audiences, increase reach and add value. This presentation, by creative content communications company Inner Ear ( presents a selection of examples, from our company’s own work, and some that we admire. Engaging Audiences through Live Streaming from…(Read More)

Here is the content we made for the MyMindFix product to help men overcome the issue of premature ejaculation through hypnosis. Promotional Teaser Video Introduction to MyMindFix Request for Testimonials…(Read More)

To demonstrate how digital media content creation company Inner Ear (working on behalf of FMC Technologies) would like interviews to be conducted and captured, we have produced demonstration videos (shot on location at FMC Technologies Dunfermline on Tuesday 7 July 2015). The passwords for the videos are the same as the one for this post…(Read More)

Creative industries convention and showcase XpoNorth asked us to deliver a live video streaming workshop in Stornoway. Part of the Honeycomb Creative Works programme, this interactive workshop took participants through the theory and practice of how to setup, manage, produce and analyse a live video stream. This is the agenda for the day. And here…(Read More)

This is a list of confirmed tracks in consideration for: Zulu Source Sampler 1 Alex Menzies – Cosm [audio:] Boo, Forever – Bones [audio:] Cinephile – Momento [audio:] Chris…(Read More)

Audio recordings from the talks as part of the Cultural Threads Symposium curated by Jessica Hemmings at Central St. Martins on Saturday 7 February 2015. Right click on the titles of the audio recordings and choose “save linked file” to download them. Click on the player to play the recording. 0. Introduction to Cultural Threads…(Read More)

Recordings of two additional female voices. There are more female voiceovers available if these are not suitable. These were the first available. Please note that due to a technical issue and the time available, Mia’s recording was not recorded with studio equipment but we will re-record with the new script in the studio…(Read More)

Here’s the revised draft of the FMC Technologies Walk On By HSE Video for final sign off. Please bear in mind that this is low resolution for ease of upload time. Password: W4lk0nby! Please email and (copying and…(Read More)

The Digital Stage live streamed discussion programme logo

Attend our upcoming lively discussion all about using technology creatively to engage your audience, join us at Fringe Central at 4PM on Friday 8 August or watch the entire event online. The live discussion panel will explore digital media – especially live video streaming – in performing arts as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe…(Read More)

Here you can listen to work-in-progress on the Clydeside Promenade tour for Glasgow 2014 and VeloCity, produced by Walking Heads (using the Inner Ear production team). All interviews have been conducted and research carried out. Draft voiceover scripts have been written and and being augmented with additional information. Part 1 (comprising Route 1…(Read More)

Listen to work in progress recordings for the Walking Heads Clydeside Promenade Tour. Click on the title of each track to play in a new browser window, or right/control click to download. Click on the player to play in this screen. 1. East End Social (EES) East End Atmosphere [audio:…(Read More)