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As part of the music touring project The J-Word, bringing internationally acclaimed acts from all over the world to venues in Scotland and the UK, Inner Ear was asked to help promote the tour through online and social media activity…(Read More)

As part of the Pleasure Principle #GlasgowTeamStream event, Inner Ear and Radio Magnetic provided a live stream featuring 4 hours of live DJ sets from some of Glasgow’s finest at the legendary Rubadub…(Read More)

As a creative content communications company, at Inner Ear we love telling stories. Whether through words, music or action, we find ways to educate, entertain, inform, inspire, provoke and promote ideas, values and messages…(Read More)

In this first tutorial video, Inner Ear’s sound editor, Bobby Perman takes us through some useful editing techniques in Adobe Audition. This tips and tricks video shows us how to boost the levels of a voice over recording, tidying up and top and tailing files of this nature…(Read More)