Glasgow live music ecosystem by Rae-Yen Song

Growing The Value For Music Tourism In Glasgow

How can Glasgow use its world renowned music scene to attract more visitors to stay longer and spend more money? This research report and promotional plan by Inner Ear explores the potential for developing on music tourism in Glasgow and makes strategic recommendations. Commissioned by Scottish Enterprise in association with Glasgow Life, researched and written in 2017. First published in January 2018, consultation continues. You can read, and follow links to download, the report below (via our Issuu library) and here is a short report (from our Slideshare portfolio) summarising some key economic findings.

Research, analysis, writing and editing by Dougal Perman, Fay Young and Tim Wright with illustrations by Rae-Yen Song and contributions by Robert Kilpatrick, Olaf Furniss, Laurie Duffy and Brian Baglow. Thanks to Sallyann Tindall, Daniel MacIntyre and David Laing. Please read the document for more information and acknowledgements.

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