Dec, 2007

Content Creation

To entertain and inform your audience, we tell your story in a engaging way, ensuring brand values and key messages are conveyed in the right style and tone of voice.

As an experienced production company we create digital media content for creative industries, corporate and public sector clients. Working directly with clients and for commissioners, agency account teams and brand managers, we conceive, create and communicate compelling content.

You can find some examples of our work in our portfolio.

Working with video, audio, enhanced audio (including slidecasts, webinars and enhanced podcasts), we provide a comprehensive package, from concept to delivery, which includes recording, editing, production, distribution and promotion.

Find out more about our use of podcasting, audio, video, social media and live streaming.

The content we conceive, create and communicate can be used as part of a strategic social media marketing campaign. Our productions can be made available to a multitude of mobile devices. Premium content can be sold via outlets such as iTunes, Audible, Amazon, the App Store and Android Market.

We handle all pre-production, planning, scripting, directing, recording, editing, copyright issues, mastering, hosting, bandwidth, distribution, PR and promotion. Please get in touch to discuss how our digital media production and promotion services can enhance your internal communications, external marketing and business development.