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We produce, promote and publish podcasts. Inner Ear produces podcasts for a wide range of clients from around the UK. We are Scotland’s leading experts in podcast production, publication, utilisation and education. We specialise in the use of podcasting in external marketing and internal communications. We understand both the creative and technical requirements of the medium.

We create captivating content for our clients. Utilising all aspects of the medium, we maximise podcasts’ potential to help you make the most of this dynamic digital technology.

Production [top]

The traditional core skills and values of radio or television programme-making apply just as much to podcasting as they do to streaming or broadcast content. We are a new media production company. This means we pride ourselves in our high qualityprogramme productions but also offer specialised digital media distribution services such as RSS scripting and management, podcast publishing, server maintenance and hosting.

Inner Ear provides a complete service regarding podcasting, from idea generation, episode and series planning, to scripting, recording, editing, mixing and production then publication, RSS management, directory submission and hosting. We can provide individual elements, such as recording, production or publication only, or take care of everything.

Podcasts [top]

Wikipedia describes a podcast as:

A collection of digital media files… distributed over the Internet, often using syndication feeds, for playback on portable media players and personal computers. The term, like “radio”, can refer either to the content itself or to the method by which it is syndicated; the latter is also termed podcasting.

Dictionary.com defines it succinctly as:

a Web-based audio broadcast via an RSS feed, accessed by subscription over the Internet.

Technically, a stand-alone downloadable audio or video file is not a podcast. A podcast is a series of media files distributed via an RSS feed. RSS (really simple syndication) is the XML-powered delivery mechanism for blogs, podcasts, photostreams, news feeds, Twitter feeds, Facebook updates and other social networking tools.

Push Media [top]

Once users have subscribed to a podcast, they receive each episode automatically, without having to remember to go to a website to manually download it. This is attractive in terms of building up a loyal base of listeners or viewers. Podcast series can be published frequently or infrequently, regularly or sporadically. A series can run for a set number of episodes one year then resume the following year. New audiences may be marketed to and encouraged to subscribe to the feed while the original audience, still subscribed to the feed, will be retained.

Hosting [^back to top]

Podcast files must reside on a web server with adequate storage capacity and bandwidth to cope with download demands. We operate a robust, secure podcast server and can provide hosting and server management as part of a podcast production project. Equally, however, we can, and do, publish podcasts to client’s own servers if desired.

RSS Management [top]

Whether coding by hand or using feed generating applications, we understand RSS. We author efficient, functional code to deliver podcast episodes from client to end user. We use appropriate keywords to tag episodes and serials and complete meta data to accurately describe content. Whether the podcast files are hosted on our server or a client’s, we relay it through an alias URL to increase security, reliability, ensure maximum uptime and track usage.

Reports [top]

For all clients we can provide reports of number of downloads (if the files are on our server or we have access to log data from a client’s server) and average subscriber statistics.

File Formats [top]

Podcast feeds can be used to distribute audio, enhanced audio, video or PDF files. We can handle creation and management of all formats.

Enhanced podcasts are (AAC) audio files that are divided into chapters with embedded images, titles and optional hyperlinks. Sitting between audio and video, these files are perfect for presentations, demonstrations and reports and also add value to entertainment podcasts.

Distribution [top]

Once the podcast has been published and the feed established, it should be listed in directories to ensure maximum visibility. We have good relationships with high-profile listings resources such as iTunes Podcast Directory and the Nokia Podcast Directory. Part of our service can include submitting podcast feeds to our database of over sixty directories.

Podcasts In Practice [top]

People use podcasts in many different ways. As mentioned, we specialise in using podcasts in external marketing and internal communications. We make podcasts for entertainment, information, communication and education. Browse our portfolio to see examples of our work.

Learning About Podcasts [top]

If you would like to learn more about how you can use podcasts to add value to marketing activities, improve your communications tools or accelerate business development then we can provide you with all the information you need.

We devise and deliver seminars and interactive workshops in association with partner organisations such as the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Enterprise. We aim to inform and inspire you to use new media tools, like podcasting, to enhance your operations.

If you approach us for podcast production, we will discuss your requirements in detail to work out the best way of using the medium for you. We offer bespoke training and consultancy. You or your team may benefit from an interactive workshop on podcasting delivered by us and tailored to your needs.

Whatever your interest or requirement regarding podcasting, please contact us to learn more and discuss how we can help you make the most of this powerful medium.

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