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Studio recording, live music, interviews, seminars, ambient sound, field recordings: if it makes a noise, we’ll record it. We use broadcast quality digital portable and studio-based recording equipment to capture sound. We record everything as perfect, uncompressed audio. Once recorded, edited, mixed and mastered, we can convert to any appropriate audio format for internet distribution (such as podcasting and streaming), pressing to CD or DVD or hard disk archive. Listen to some of our audio productions and see below for more on the different types of audio recording we provide.

Live Music [top]

On location, we make high quality multitrack recordings of live music and other events, which are then mixed down in our post production studio. These recordings can then be sold or distributed as promotional items.

We’ve recorded hundreds of acts since 2001 for CD, download, live broadcast and live and on demand streaming over the internet. We regularly record musical performances of all kinds, from classical to folk, jazz to rock, pop to electronic, on location at gigs in venues from intimate basements to established, legendary places like King Tut’s, Cabaret Voltaire, Cargo and the Barrowland to music festivals from Homegame to T in the Park. For Radio Magnetic we also record small acoustic or electronic sessions in our studio.

Studio Recording [top]

If it makes a noise, we’ll record it…
Our studio is set up to record radio programmes, audio books, podcasts, voice overs, interviews and small acoustic or electronic live music sessions. For larger bands or musical groups we partner with a live recording and post production studio.

Interviews [top]

Many of our programme productions, for brands, businesses and broadcasters require recorded interviews which we conduct in the studio, on location, one-to-one, round the table, in person, by phone or via Skype. Our team includes experienced journalists who will thoroughly research a topic and know how to make the subject feel at ease.

Seminars [top]

Lectures, workshops and seminars can be recorded for online or hard copy archive. We’ve been recording conferences, speeches, workshops, seminars, talks and discussions for many years. We can record any size of event with any number of speakers for use in programme production, to increase audience-reach, aid accessibility, for prosperity and archive purposes.

Ambient Sound and Field Recordings [top]

To add texture, atmosphere and context to our productions we record sound in specific places, both indoors and outside. In addition to recording interviews and events on location we capture ambient sound out in the field. In recent years we’ve collected noises from Scotland and England, over in Denmark, around Spain, across in Brazil, up in Vietnam and down in Indonesia.

If you need something recorded, for whatever purpose, contact us to tell us what you need and discuss the best approach.

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