For us, it's about the process and the production

We will collaborate with you to create content that tells your story and communicates it to your audience.
Our services will help you increase reach, develop and engage audiences and make your work more accessible.

Live Video Streaming

Live web TV and internet radio programme making, webcast and production

Content Creation

Audio and video, podcast production, documentaries, walking tours, treasure hunts

Music Supervision

Sourcing, selecting, sequencing, soundtracking and clearing copyright

Recording & Production

Voiceover, ADR, video audition tapes, talks, interviews, events, promos and studio time

Freelancer Agency

Camera operators, sound recordists, engineers and other creative professionals

Content Management

Publication, distribution, curation, community management and social media engagement

Live Streaming

Reach and engage audiences around the world

We can make your event accessible to audiences anywhere with an internet connection. Inner Ear have specialised in producing captivating live streamed audio and video content since we launched Radio Magnetic in 2001. Our specialist live streaming team are creative, technically adept, versatile, flexible, friendly and dedicated. Whether you need a one, two or multiple camera shoot, want to broadcast your concert, play, talk or show or need your festival, conference or convention to reach a global audience, we’ve done it before and can help you get your message out there. We work locally and internationally and can adapt our production packages to suit your requirements. Check out our Case Studies for examples of our live streaming work and get in touch to discuss how we can help you get ready to go live.

Live Streams and Web TV Packages

From £ 1,595 Event
Two cameras & graphics, audio feed, archive recording, social sharing, unlimited viewers
From £ 4,395 Event
Four cameras & graphics, sound mix, interview & VT, archive, unlimited viewers, social sharing

Arts In Care Seminar


SAY Award


Sound to Sea


Rehearsals and Sessions: Streams and Recordings

A stream or film doesn't need to be of a finished show. We've streamed and filmed rehearsals, work-in-progress, rehearsed readings, interviews, talks and music sessions. We can do this for you in our studio Live Room or on location where you are, often for much less than it costs to capture and communicate a full live show. Create value from your work before by making marketing materials from your rehearsals, which we can help you push out through social media to attract audience members and create a buzz. Here are some examples of what we can do. Contact us to talk about how we can help you monetise your rehearsal process.

Rehearsals & Sessions: Streams and Recordings

From £ 45 /1 hour
Record ADR and voiceover for film, TV, radio, games, etc. Your voice or our network of voiceover artists, actors and presenters
From £ 795 Per Rehearsal
We can come to you and stream or film your rehearsal

Glasgow Corners Audio Tour


Paul Tasker TRADtv Live Room Session


Scottish Ballet Rehearsal


Content Creation

Share your story with your audience and document your work

We can preserve your best moments before they fade forever by documenting them through audio, video, text and image. Inner Ear creates content for a wide variety of clients, from arts and entertainment to culture and creative industries, brands and corporate companies. We make promotional previews, record events, devise documentaries, direct dramas, create audio walking tours, curate cultural content and produce podcasts on all manner of subjects. We’ve also used the stories we tell to create interactive experiences such as games, responsive visuals for live performance and treasure hunts to engage audiences even more. Comedy, ballet, chamber music and techno are all held in the same high regard by us and we present everything with the same enthusiasm and passion. We don’t stop when the production is finished either as we manage content on websites, blogs and social media channels. Find out more about how we work with content by browsing our Case Studies and get in touch to discuss how we can create content to share your story.

Share Your Story

Online Video Trends

  • Global online video traffic by 2016 (Source)

  • Mobile video viewers share videos with others (Source)

  • Marketers planing to add video to their sites, prioritising it over Facebook, Twitter and blog integration (Source)


Music Supervision

Sourcing and sequencing your soundtrack

Having been immersed in music since we launched Radio Magnetic in 2001, and with a team of music fans, DJs and musicians, we know what we’re doing with music. We source, select and sequence soundtracks for film, TV, web content and games including prime time BBC drama and live streamed theatre. We understand the complexities of negotiating copyright clearance for use of music too and can handle back office licensing admin. Drawing on the relationships we have with record labels, publishers and artists, we manage an ever-expanding catalogue of usable tracks which spans all genres. We also commission bespoke work from a network of highly regarded producers and composers to compliment the tone and mood of your piece. We take part in the conversation around the music as our community managers answer questions about music during broadcast. And we create transmedia content to augment Inner Ear’s music supervision services and provide a rich immersive experience for the audience. Browse our Case Studies and get in touch to discuss how we can soundtrack your show.

Soundtrack Your Show

Recording & Production

If you can see or hear it, we can record it

When you need something recorded professionally, quickly and efficiently, our facilities will save you time, money and hassle. With a recording studio, mastering studio and experienced in-house production staff, we have the facilities and expertise to record and produce a huge range of content to meet your needs.

From straight forward audio capturing of a talk, interview or event to studio time, video audition tapes, voiceovers and interviews, the Inner Ear team have it all in hand. The scale of the production isn’t what matters to us, it’s the quality of content, attention to detail and the correct delivery of a great product.

We have years of experience in recording and working with music through running our own internet radio station Radio Magnetic since 2001 and the majority of our team being active musicians, DJs and producers. We have recorded everywhere, from improvised jazz in a bus stop in Shetland to a full award ceremony in the iconic Glasgow Barrowlands, no challenge is too great for our team.

Get in touch to find out how our passion, expertise and facilities can help you deliver the perfect product.

Let's Roll

Recording, Mixing and Mastering

As described above, we can and will record anything, anywhere. In partnership with Underworld Studio (check out the enviable equipment list) we offer professional mixing and mastering services too. Get in touch and tell us what you need and we'll work out the details with you. Either transfer us stems or a pre-mastered track or we'll record with you then have the parts mixed and the track mastered and transfer the finished files back to you.

From £ 75 /hour
For an hour's recording on location
From £ 35 Per track
For eight or more, £40/track for four to seven or £45 for one to three tracks

Freelancer Agency

Stuck for the right creative professional?

We have a large pool of trusted and reliable freelancers with a wealth of experience and skills in a variety of areas of production. Through the diverse range of productions we have been involved in, Inner Ear has established close working relationships with a number of freelancers working in Glasgow, Edinburgh around Scotland and the UK as a whole.

We can provide you contacts for with dependable, professional freelance workers to meet your production needs in roles such as: Producers, Camera Operators, Vision Mix Operators, Sound Engineers, Sound Recordists, Photographers and Runners.

Get in touch to discuss the scope and scale of your production and what freelance specialists might be needed for the job. We have an experienced team who can help advise on the best people and skill sets to have on your production. We’re flexible in the way we work and are also happy to take the whole production on ourselves if that works better for you.

Find Me A Freelancer

Content Management

Give your audience something to talk about

Content drives the social web. We use it to engage audiences and communicate messages. We can help you get your message to the right people in the most effective manner.

We can devise and implement a bespoke content plan to reach, engage and grow your audiences. Inner Ear can create all types of entertaining and inspiring content to convey your brand values and captivate your followers. We can then disseminate this content with a structured and methodical approach, which will grow your numbers, increase engagement amongst your audience and build genuine relationships with your community. We can take care of every stage of your content process, from creation to curation to communicating it to the world in the correct manner, bringing you closer to the people you want to reach.

With years of experience in running content and communications on behalf of a number of high profile organisations, a proven track record of increasing engagement, reaching more people and growing brand’s online presence in a genuine and considered manner, Inner Ear has all your content management needs covered. We manage everything from website activity and function, to strategic blogging and sharing on social media channels, keeping your brand looking good, on message and communicating in the right way.

Find out all about how we manage content on behalf of organisations, brands and projects in the Case Studies section of our website and get in touch to discuss how we can start devising your content plan today.

Be Content