Gruff Rhys and Tony Da Gatorra at Trocabrahma in Sao Paulo

Brazil and UK Culture Jam Documentary


Trocabrahma Podcast ArtworkTrocabrahma was a cultural exchange project by Brahma Beer which enables UK artists and musicians to collaborate with their Brazilian counterparts. Inner Ear were commissioned to make a six-part documentary series about the exchange and cultivate an online community around the project.

In May and June 2007 a team from Inner Ear went to Brazil as part of Trocabrahma to document the collaborations. We conducted interviews, researched the cultural context of Sao Paulo, made field recordings, captured ambient sound and recorded live music. Back in the UK we continued our research into cross-cultural collaboration, recorded the showcase events in London, Liverpool and Glasgow and spoke to a wide range of music and arts practitioners.

While in Brazil, and then back home in the UK, we posted our photos to our Flickr gallery, videos to our YouTube channel, music to our MySpace profile and wrote pieces for our blog.

The podcast was downloaded over 150,000 times in 2007. We achieved high-profile promotion on the UK iTunes Podcast Directory, Windows Media Guide UK, the Nokia Podcast Directory and partnered with the Channel 4 Radio website to present the series. Channel 4 Radio entered the Trocabrahma Podcast 2007 series for a Sony Radio Award and we were nominated for a BT Digital Music Award.

Trocabrahma is a wonderful project. We were proud to be a part of it. Corporate brand activities are seldom so liberal, creative and exciting.

We got internationally-renowned DJ and producer Diplo to present the series. Over the six episodes we worked with Trocabrahma artists Os Mutantes and JD Twitch from Optimo, Gilles Peterson, Ben Westbeech and Tita Lima, King Creosote and Romulo Froes, Gruff Rhys from the Super Fury Animals meets Tony Da Gatorra, Four Tet and Open Field Church and Bonde Do Role, Radioclit and Amanda Blank. We also spoke to Echo and the Bunnymen, The Zutons, Ladytron, Joe Davis and Far Out Records, Zeep, Sao Paulo’s Eric’s Disco, Mondo Melhor Records’s Alfredo Bello, Ira from CSS, Paulista painter Speto, UK writers As One, Aztec and Sam Skinner, Samba Ya Bamba, Hobbes from Trouble, Astro Boy from Departure Lounge and DJ Cliffy from Batmacumba.

Trocabrahma is a wonderful project. We were proud to be a part of it. Corporate brand activities are seldom so liberal, creative and exciting. We developed an online community that complimented the creative flare of the artists, musicians and producers of the project in the UK and Brazil. Listen to all six episodes in the series.

Trocabrahma Podcast and Online Community 2007 Credits

Clients: Brahma Beer (InBev) and Better Days
Executive Producers: Dougal Perman and Claire Lennon
Editor: Bobby Perman
Researcher: Tiff Griffin
Fixer/Translator: José Julio Espirito Santo
Brazilian Liaison: Bruno Ramos
Content Manager: Tony Black
Art Director and Community Designer: Tommy Perman
Photographers: Andrea McCarthy and Niall Plus
Research Assistant: Christophe Docherty
Production Assistants: Heidi Tweedie, Paddy Hannah, Brian Harvey, Jim Hutchison

Brahma Brand Managers: Anne Sheridan and Louise Brown
Experiential Marketing Director: Neil Mowatt
Artist Liaison and Events: Kathy Hayes
Press and PR: Nicola Meghan and Jamie Marshall

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