10 Lockdown Kilos and Friends: Episode 1 featuring Bruce Morton

10 Lockdown Kilos and Friends: Episode 1 featuring Bruce Morton

Jamie MacDonald, the comedian you might know better as That Funny Blind Guy, found out that during lockdown the devil does not, it turns out, make work for idle hands; he makes pies and pints. In the first eight weeks of the coronavirus crisis lockdown in the UK, Jamie eight and drank heartily and put on 10 kilograms. His mental health might have suffered too, but he was too drunk to notice. Deciding enough was enough, he enlisted the help of Fran and John of FSR Personal Training to get back on track. This podcast series charts his progress, from one weigh in to the next. Along the way Jamie speaks to some of his comedian friends about life, lockdown and forced unemployment.

Written and presented by Jamie MacDonald. https://jamiemacdonaldcomedian.com/ Editing and audio production by Bobby Perman for Inner Ear. Original music by S-Type. This podcast is a co-production between Jamie MacDonald and Inner Ear.

Jamie realises how fat he has become, starts training with Fran and John from FSR Personal Training and speaks to Scottish comedy legend Bruce Morton about what he’s been up to during lockdown.

Visit Bruce Morton’s website: brucemorton.net

Listen to his take on hip hop: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfDsgxPZjg-Cs93NrmF94qCcuOikYoyPm 

Get Lean For Life with FSR Personal Training: fsrpersonaltraining.co.uk