As Inner Ear specialises in creating digital content, distributing media online including live streaming and podcasting and managing that content to engage audiences through social media, we have learned a lot over the years and are in a great position to offer expert advice, training and consultancy.

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If you want to use properties like live streamed shows, videos, podcasts, webinars, blogs, and interactive  experiences in your project then we can consult with you on the best way to make things happen. We can, of course, create and communicate content for you but sometimes it may be more appropriate to training you how to do this yourself. Or we can help design a system for you, procure the equipment, install it and teach you how to use it.

Since 2001 we have devised and delivered one-off workshops, masterclass seminars and bespoke sessions; ranging from an hour to one day or ongoing courses.

We are comfortable working with people from all walks of life in the public sector, business, arts, education and the community.

Client groups have included young people, multimedia and arts projects, arts and creative industry practitioners, academics, scientists, corporations and public sector agencies.

Our knowledge-base is varied and detailed. Immersed in media, music, arts and culture we are commissioned regularly to research, analyse and provide insight into how digital content and emerging technologies impact on creativity, tourism, society and policy.

A selection of significant consultancy projects include:

  • How To Set Up An Internet Radio Station (2002) how-to guide for Scottish Enterprise
  • Pod Plan (2006) six-month practical digital media training course for four creative companies for Channel 4 using podcasting in business development
  • National Piping Centre Live Streaming (2013) designing, installing and providing training for a live streaming setup for the National Piping Centre
  • Hello Digital Live Streaming Installation (2016) designing, installing and providing training for a live streaming setup for Highlands and Islands Enterprise
  • Growing the Value of Music Tourism in Glasgow (2017) in-depth research report and promotional plan with strategic recommendations for increasing GVA via music tourism for Scottish Enterprise
  • Digital Latency and Digital Welcome (2017) research report and digital development recommendations as part of the Paisley 2021 UK City of Culture bid for Renfrewshire Council

To discuss how we can help you make the most of new media and digital content, please contact us.