Remote Participation: A Practical Guide To Live Streaming

Inner Ear live streaming the 2018 SAY Award

For many cultural projects, its greatest asset presents its greatest challenge: the location. With reference to inspiring examples from Scotland and around the world, the Inner Ear team presented a seminar on what’s possible, what to think about, how to approach a live stream, what the audience get out of it and how to ensure return on investment. Case studies will include Cowal Highland Gathering (Dunoon), Granite Noir (Aberdeen) and Glenfiddich Piping Championship (Blair Atholl).

This presentation was part of a seminar by Dougal Perman and Katie McGeary at XpoNorth 2019 at Eden Court in Inverness, Scotland. It was also used as the basis for a seminar delivered as part of the CHARTS Live Lab series for the Culture, Heritage and Arts Assembly for Argyll and the Isles.

Watch our CHARTS Live Lab workshop from our Livestream channel and see the presentation, below it, on our Slideshare channel.

Remote Participation: A Practical Guide To Live Streaming from Inner Ear

Many people won’t have the resources that a production company like Inner Ear does, and they may not be in a position to commission us (or anyone else). But they probably do have a device that can do most of what is needed to live stream an activity: a smartphone.

Live streaming is increasingly popular. Platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live have reduced barriers to entry dramatically. But even though the phone in your pocket can do most of what a TV studio or outside broadcast unit can do, quality still matters to your audience. We share some of their best practice advice on how to get the most from your smartphone live stream.

Live Streaming On A Smartphone – Best Practice Advice From Inner Ear from Inner Ear
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