Crowdfunding To Win

“Very clear, accessible and very informative… and he has a compelling and authoritative voice. The videos weren’t fancy so there was nothing to distract from the information delivered. Thank you Tim. Best get back to answering all those questions!”
— Claire Heminsley, Crowdfunding To Win Student

Do you need to fund a new project or venture? Crowdfunding is an attractive, practical way to raise finance and build relationships with your audience.


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But you need to prepare. You need to understand your objectives, have a coherent strategy, plan your campaign properly and put everything in place to make sure you crowdfund to win.

Crowdfunding is hard. Success rates remain low, around an average of 30% meaning about 70% fail to meet even their financial targets.

Inner Ear and twintangibles created Crowdfunding To Win, a video course lead by renowned crowdfunding specialist consultant Tim Wright.

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This method has helped raise hundreds of thousands of pounds in crowdfunding success and you can use it to.

To truly win at crowdfunding you need to make the right choices and build a solid campaign and that can be challenging.

Delivered in a series of short video lessons with supporting notes, this course provides the process you need to to identifying the real benefits crowdfunding can deliver and to build a solid and executable plan to make your campaign a success.

The course is priced at £40, but use the code PROMO27 to get it for just £27.