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The Digital Stage: Live Streamed Discussion Programme

Attend our upcoming lively discussion all about using technology creatively to engage your audience, join us at Fringe Central at 4PM on Friday 8 August or watch the entire event online. The live discussion panel will explore digital media – especially live video streaming – in performing arts as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Central 2014 Programme.

Hosted by Inner Ear director Dougal Perman, who has produced creative digital media content since 2001, guests will include Sandy Thomson & Jeremiah from Poorboy Theatre, who specialise in site-specific promenade performance; Jamie MacDonald, writer for stage and screen and comedian who’s show That Funny Blind Guy 2 is at this year’s Fringe and Christopher Glasgow, who leads on marketing at multimedia cultural events organisation Cryptic.

Join us for the broadcast of our live discussion from Fringe Central in person or watch the live stream in full online. Over post-show drinks we’ll talk informally about the subject matter and explain how we produced the stream.

Watch The Digital Stage event online in full.

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