Documenting Tourism Industry Events for ETAG

To inspire and inform tourism operators, the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG) commissioned Inner Ear to document a series of events around the use of new technology to encourage people to visit Edinburgh, and the rest of Scotland, stay longer and spend more money.

Technology Tuesdays

We filmed a series of morning seminars presented by technology companies offering services to tourism operators, produced summary videos and conducted voxpop interviews to contribute to content for ETAG’s YouTube Channel.

Technology Solutions for Tourism Conference 2012

ETAG, Interactive Scotland and Scottish Enterprise presented a conference dedicated to inspiring tourism operators in the use of technology to enhance business development. Some of the key themes were very close to our hearts in terms of the importance of mobile presence, social interaction and use of content to engage audiences.

Digital Exhibitor Zone

In advance of the conference we created and curated a Digital Exhibitor Zone website to present each of the exhibitors to delegates so they could find out which technology companies would be at the conference and decide who they want to speak to during the day.

Digital Documentation

At the conference we documented all of the talks. We’re currently editing material to produce summary videos and full length slidecasts (edited audio with synchronised presentation slides).

Get in touch with Inner Ear to find out how we can help you make the most of your event, before during and after the activity by recording audio and video, live streaming, creating content, developing a web presence and reaching audiences through social media.

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