Know Inner Ear: From Revolutionary Radio to Shared Digital Experiences

Inner Ear was established in October 2000. We launched Radio Magnetic in March 2001. We went on to specialise in live programme making and podcast production and have worked on hundreds of projects all over Scotland, across the UK and around the world. Yes, we are technically adept at live streaming and podcast publication, which is a means to an end. For us, it’s all about creating compelling content that speaks to people. We value integrity, liveness and provenance in our productions.

We use specific digital platforms to reach niche audiences. Our live streamed programmes and podcasts have reached millions of people. Our work has helped clients engage audiences and earn extra revenue. We can help you energise your audience and realise its value too.

Inner Ear helps clients get extra value from their audience.

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Realise your hidden value

When your audience is properly engaged, it increases in value.

Your events and activities need to reach an audience. Festivals, concerts, gigs, performances, shows, ceremonies, lectures, discussions, debates, exhibitions and launches all need to attract the eyes and ears of people. While there’s a limited number of people who can attend in person, there’s a potentially unlimited online audience.

Engage your audience by telling entertaining and educational stories with digital experiences that energise and entice.

We produce programmes that we distribute digitally to bring your audience closer and stimulate remote participation in your creative project.

Concert TUYA. Inner Ear's specialist training can help you boost audience engagement
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How we create shared digital experiences

Our specialisms are:

  • Live programme making (which is essentially creating live television for the web, live streamed from the location of your event or activity to audiences around the world).
  • Documentary and feature production (one-off videos and audio programmes, serialised shows and podcasts).
  • Interactive storytelling (digital experiences in the form of live audience participation events, audio walking tours, treasure hunts and game shows).

Meet our team

We are a flexible bunch. Some projects just need one or two of us, others may require between five-to-ten or more. Here are the leaders:

Inner Ear's Dougal Perman as a Lego figure

Dougal Perman

Director & Executive Producer

Inner Ear's Anny Deery as a Lego figure

Anny Deery

Development Producer

Inner Ear's Findlay Jamieson as a Lego figure

Findlay Jamieson

Live Programme Producer

Lego Benny from Inner Ear

Benny Robb

Cultural Engagement Producer

From Underground Radio…

Dougal Perman and Tom Lousada established Inner Ear in October 2000. The company’s first project was the underground electronic music internet radio station Radio Magnetic, which began broadcasting online on 19 March 2001. Because Inner Ear was born in the wake of the dot com crash, Dougal and Tom learned to be resourceful, adaptable and flexible. Moreover, they built a strong brand with a great reputation and reached a highly engaged audience of hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners.

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Concert TUYA. Inner Ear's specialist training can help you boost audience engagement
Photo by Jorge Gordo on Unsplash

… To Shared Digital Experiences

We developed deep knowledge about production and distribution, especially live streaming and podcasting. Enterprise agencies, cultural organisations and brands approached us to deliver bespoke training and consultancy projects. We also ran background music services and created content for brands, businesses and broadcasters. We have always had an affinity with cultural projects, especially music, arts and heritage.

Our collaborative project Walking Heads put its best foot forward in 2009 to create streetwise audio tours. And in 2015, TRADtv launched to serve the large global niche audience for Scottish traditional folk music.