Master Stress-Free Live Streaming

You need captivating content to communicate with your audience. Live streamed programmes can reach, engage and entice audiences even more than video on demand. The liveness and spontaneity gets the audience more emotionally involved and can increase ROI.

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We take the stress out of using live content for audience engagement

Engage Your Audience with Confidence Now

A compelling programme with high production values, live streamed properly can engage your audience and motivate them to take action. But a poor quality production, badly streamed, full of mistakes with no contingency plans, let alone robust problem solving capability, can damage your brand and is worse than doing nothing at all.

Formats, equipment, platforms, connectivity — let alone permissions and rights — there are so many variables in producing live programmes. Trying to make decisions can become overwhelming. So, how do you master stress-free live streaming?

But don’t worry, we can help because we have over 24 years of experience pioneering the use of digital media and producing hundreds of programmes.

Our clients say

Helen Urquhart, Head of Events, National Piping Centre

Working with Inner Ear feels like an extension of our own team, helping make every event we work on as good as it can be and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Jim Wolff, Digital Campaign Manager, Malt Whiskies, Diageo

Inner Ear have been an exceptional team to work with, not only in the quality of their productions, but in their relentless pursuit of finding the best way to deliver a project — in spite of throwing countless challenges at them in remote Scottish locations.

Janet West, Head of PR, Cowal Highland Gathering

With event costs rising we looked at how we could monetise this year’s livestream and took a hybrid approach, where we offered two and a half days of viewing free and put the World Highland Dancing Finals behind a paywall. This was the perfect solution for us for this year and Inner Ear was able to provide this service professionally and without question. As well as providing Cowal Gathering with a first-class service, which frees up my time to concentrate on other aspects of the event, the team is helpful, knowledgeable and great fun.

Take the stress out of live streaming

Specialist help to make it all work

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With expert-led specialist live programme production training, you can master stress-free live streaming. Inner Ear combines creativity, strategy and technological innovation in a way not offered by other production companies or digital media consultants. We’ve worked for:

  • Major brands, such as producing live digital experiences for Lagavulin and Caol Ila whiskies during the pandemic that were considered best-in-class by viewers and our clients alike.
  • World-renowned events, enhancing live coverage of events with live action, interviews and features to keep the audience engaged and attract overseas visitors to Scotland, bringing £1M+ into local economies, including:
    • World Pipe Band Championships
    • Celtic Connections
    • Glenfiddich Piping Championship 
    • World Highland Dancing Championships
  • Showcasing culturally significant projects, making trailblazing music and performing arts accessible to audiences who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy them.

Comprehensive Training

In this one-to-one training and consultancy package, tailored to your objectives, I can explain what you need to know in plain language, so we can squash the overwhelm, allay your fears, establish goals, devise a strategy and formulate a straightforward action plan for your live production so you know exactly what you need to do next.

We can make this happen with: 

  1. An initial call to discuss the problem
  2. A half day strategic planning and problem-solving consultation session.
  3. A pre-production plan for you to work through.
  4. A follow-up meeting to review progress.
  5. And, on top of that, we’ll provide unlimited phone and email support for one month as you put the plan into action. 

As well as the plan we devise together, we’ll bundle a treasure-chest of bonuses.

  • An audit of skills gaps and learning needs in your organisation to identify areas for improvement and professional development.
  • A step-by-step quick-start guide.
  • Pre-production, production and post-production checklists.
  • Advice on team composition, outsourcing and delegation.
  • Guidance on rights and permissions (especially music use).
  • A resources catalogue of how-to guides.
  • Hardware and software recommendations.
  • Hand-holding for platform selection, configuration and encoder settings.
  • Workflow charts and signal routing.
  • Processes for equipment setup, testing and programme rehearsal.
  • A cheat sheet for running the live show.
  • Audience engagement tactics.
  • Tips for maximising the content assets after the programme.
  • How to read your statistics.

Master Stress-free Live Streaming

Secure your spot for live streaming mastery and start transforming your digital events today.

And, if you work through everything and still don’t feel confident about proceeding by yourself, we’ll give you an extra free session to guide you through the next steps and empower you to do it yourself.