How do you increase audience engagement? Like this:

  1. Find out what your audience want.
  2. Adopt a focused branded content creation strategy.
  3. Create the best digital experience you can.
  4. And then serve it to them.

For over 24 years we have been working with music, arts, entertainment, cultural, heritage, tourism, consumer and business brands. Because of this, Inner Ear is ideally positioned to help you energise your audience.

To help you bring your audience closer, we can either do everything for you, work with you or support you to deliver your project for yourself.

Inner Ear provides a suite of creative and technical services to energise your audience

Filming Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 playing live at the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow, April 2021, for a live digital experienece album launch feature made by live production specialists Inner Ear for the band
Creating a live digital experience for Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 Album Launch, filmed “as live” in the legendary Glasgow Barrowland

If your problem is “how do I engage my audience?” then we can help you solve it with strategic use of branded content

How does our branded content creation manifest?

You might have a live event — public or private — and it may feature jeopardy or big reveal. That could be a competition, launch or a live debate with audience interaction. Alternatively, you might do something that has long-tail repeat viewing value, like a performance, lecture, exhibition or demonstration. Likewise, it could be an exploration or investigation where we, the audience, discover or learn something new.

What branded content creation formats can we produce?

Ever since we launched Radio Magnetic in March 2001, we have been creating content for our clients and our own creative brands (Radio Magnetic, TRADtv and Walking Heads). We are most experienced and skilled at producing these formats:

  1. Live programmes (live streamed events, chat shows, webinars)
  2. On demand content (documentaries podcasts, video series)
  3. Interactive stories (audio walking tours, choose your own adventure games, audience participation activities)

How do we help our clients solve their problem by reaching their audience?

We can do this by live streaming an activity (like an public event or a special private programme). And this could be free-to-air or pay-per-view. Alternatively we could document your activity by capturing an event as if it was a live stream and then creating content from it. And because we have captured the action, we can make that available in a number of ways.

Consequently we can use the recorded material to make feature programmes; stand alone or part of a series. Episodes can be short or long-form. And formats can include documentary, discussion, interview or investigation. Or we can have some fun with audience engagement via a special digital experience such as an interactive tour, treasure hunt or “choose your own adventure” story or invite them to take part in a gameshow.

We have used live streaming and podcasting to magnetise, motivate and monetise audiences since we launched Radio Magnetic in 2001. And we have been applying our skills to provide branded content creation and audience engagement services since 2002.

Our pricing

We offer flexible options, which you can adapt to the different needs of each project, tailored to your vision. Here’s a guide to project costs.



We provide you with the support to deliver your project yourself

Information resources
How-to guides
Case studies
Bespoke training
Procurement support



We work with you to deliver a great project

Augment your team
Planning and arrangements
Creative input
Technical production
Platform configuration
Curating media assets
Content management
Legacy content

Strategic advice
Analysis & reporting

Main Stage


We take care of the whole production process for you

Full service production
Planning and arrangements
Creative direction
Talent management
Technical direction
Platform configuration
Rights and clearance
Legacy content

Strategic advice
Analysis & reporting
Stakeholder management