Let’s Energise Your Online Audience and Realise Its Value

Behind the Inner Ear control desk when producing a live digital experience for Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 in the Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow
Behind the Inner Ear control desk when producing a live digital experience for Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 in the Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow

We can create a live digital experience that makes your brand look great, is stable and reliable, provides valuable content assets ready to share right afterwards, taking care of all the creative and technical elements.

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Inner Ear is a content consultancy that specialises in creating digital experiences for audience engagement. We do this with dynamic live streamed programmes, podcast production that draws you in and immersive interactive storytelling.

You need to reach your audience. You need content to market your project to your audience. You also need to understand how to use that content. When you do, you can energise your online audience and realise its value. Because Inner Ear’s digital media production specialisms include live streaming, podcasting and interactive storytelling, we create digital media content that magnetises, motivates and monetises audiences.

So we work with clients who have creative projects that need to engage an audience. Specifically, our combination of creativity, innovation and technical competence can help you with content creation, digital media production and distribution and support.

We can take care of everything for you, work with you to deliver the production or provide bespoke training and consultancy and teach you how to do it yourself.

Our clients include

DIAGEO logo in yellow, an Inner Ear client for our branded content live digital experience production
William Grant Foundation logo in yellow for Inner Ear client roll because we create exclusive live coverage of the Glenfiddich Piping Championship to engage and monetise a global audience
The National Piping Centre logo — Inner Ear's client; we create compelling live experiences for the Piping Live Festival and select piping championships to engage and energise global audiences
RSNO logo because they are an Inner Ear client for our dynamic live music coverage and digital media production
Glasgow Life Logo — Inner Ear client for whom we produce live streamed event coverage and expert creative industries research and consultancy
Creative Scotland logo in yellow because they are an Inner Ear client for whom we provide expert-led specialist digital media training and consultancy

How we can help you


Content creation to energise your online audience by Inner Ear. Cassette tape photo.

We create content to energise your online audience. Content formats include live programmes, podcasts, audio tours, video features and documentaries. So, our services include planning, production and publication.


Digital media content management and communication to energise your online audience by Inner Ear. Retro reel to reel photo.

We can also help you to realise your audience’s value with over the top services (i.e. branding and pay-per-view). So to reach people we distribute content as live streams, web TV, podcasts and interactive experiences.


Digital media consultancy to help you to energise your online audience by Inner Ear. 1980s telephone photo.

Additionally, we can support you to deliver your project yourself. To do this we offer bespoke advice and training, research, resources and creative strategy. Ultimately, with our help, we aim to empower you to be able to run your own projects.


Let’s discuss how to energise your online audience so you can realise its value

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Our creative brands


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TRADtv features traditional, folk, Celtic, Gaelic, Scottish and world music. In particular it includes exclusive live performance videos and features, created by us, on location.

You can find out more on the TRADtv website. Watch the videos on YouTube.

Radio Magnetic

Listen to the latest show

Because it keeps its ear to the underground, Radio Magnetic covers electronic, alternative music. We launched it in 2001. Back then it was fresh. Today it is one of the longest-running internet radio stations in the world.

To listen, visit the Radio Magnetic website and check it out on Mixcloud.

Walking Heads

Explore our tours

Walking Heads tours lead you through history and culture. For instance, our streetwise tours get right into a subject. Indeed, they encourage you to veer off the beaten track.

Explore for yourself on the Walking Heads website and on the GuidiGO platform.