How To Live Stream Better: Professional Webinar Tech Training

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Because, to get a good return on investment, you need to give your audience a great experience. Otherwise they could lose interest. Then your time, effort and financial investment could go to waste. We can help you keep your audience engaged by teaching you how to live stream.

Learn How To Live Stream Better Digital Experiences

Our training will help you improve your production values and upgrade your ability. Don’t know the first thing about how to live stream? No problem. Even if you’re new to creating live digital experiences*, we will explain the process in plain language.

You might need to buy kit. If so, we can help you identify what you need and show you where to get it to suit your budget. But if you have your own equipment already, we can check it out and spot missing elements and help you fill the gaps. Then we will get into the training.

This training is for educators and marketers who need to engage their audiences. You will learn a mixture of creative approaches and technical production skills. Moreover, we’ll help you enhance your webinar delivery. Since 2000, Inner Ear has pioneered specialist expertise in live streaming. So, we can help you transform the way you connect with your audience online. Furthermore, Inner Ear has taught people how to live stream for over twenty years. As a result, our satisfied training clients include: Creative Scotland, National Piping Centre, XpoNorth, SafeDeposits Scotland, Glasgow City Heritage Trust, Dunoon Burgh Hall and Stills Gallery.

* You’re probably not. You’ve probably done a few video calls by now…

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Our Clients Say

Expert Professional Webinar Production Training

Inner Ear the provided Glasgow City Heritage Trust team with invaluable training which has enabled us to start streaming our events.

They provided us with an introductory session which went over the basics of streaming as well as what equipment we needed. This was incredibly useful as they pointed things out to us we hadn’t even considered and gave us information on equipment we didn’t realise we needed.

They came back to provide us with training on the equipment and have been on hand to assist with troubleshooting in the weeks afterwards. They replied really quickly to any emails about issues we were having and made themselves available to test things and sort any teething problems. Dougal also attended our first live streamed event to ensure it ran smoothly.

We would have struggled to buy the correct equipment and set it all up correctly without the guidance of Inner Ear and would highly recommend them for training and advice on how to live stream events.

Katharine Neil, Heritage Officer, Glasgow City Heritage Trust

Improved Knowledge and Confidence

My company provides webinars to customers. We were looking to enhance these. But although we had the kit we did not have the knowledge or experience to link this with our vision. I was not even sure if the type of training we required was available, at least locally. But after finding Inner Ear on Google, I spoke to Dougal who got exactly what we were looking for and proposed a training plan tailored to our needs. My colleagues and I had two fantastic sessions with Dougal, which really improved our knowledge and confidence to move our output up a gear. I would highly recommend Inner Ear for any support surrounding live streaming and broadcasting.

Alan Partridge, Marketing Manager, SafeDeposits Scotland

Tailored Advice and Support on How to Live Stream

Had a training session with Dougal to help with Live Streaming. Great session — clear information. Great tailored advice and support with the first live streaming event. Vast improvements on our previous attempts and more manageable than expected. Great follow up support and resources.

Claire Cochrane, Engagement Producer, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh

What You’ll Achieve When You Learn How to Live Stream with Professional Webinar Tech Training

We can teach you in person* or online. During three workshops, for up to four members of your team, we will cover:

* We are happy to travel to your premises for the training if you prefer. If you are three hours or less travel time from Glasgow, then we can include on site workshops in the package price. Of course, we’re happy to travel further afield too and we can work out the additional costs and agree them with you in advance.

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Can You Afford Not To Invest in Our Specialist Expertise?

Do you want your audience to engage with your webinars, learn from you and get your message? Then you can’t afford not to invest in professional webinar production training.

Inner Ear has a unique combination of:

  • Artistic programme making
  • Technical competence
  • Adept problem-solving
  • Hands-on experience of running media brands
  • Extensive teaching practice

This gives us in-depth knowledge of the market. So, we can deliver you the best professional webinar production training available.

When preparing, we’ll ask you some questions about what you’re doing currently. We want to identify challenges so we can help you overcome them. Next, the workshops will cover creative and technical production. Once you’ve learned how to live stream, the third session supports you during your first broadcast. And, to help you get the most out of the training, we will include a package of valuable resources.

Curated Resources

We’ll also provide you with unlimited phone and email support for four weeks after the second workshop. Additionally, we we will create a rehearsal plan to prepare you for your first professional webinar. If you rehearse and work through all the exercises and resources we provide, but you still don’t feel totally comfortable, we’ll give you an extra follow up session to solve your problems.

Let’s Exeed Your Expectations With Professional Webinar Production Training

We can work with four clients a month. So book now to secure your place. Then we can help you enhance your digital experiences and engage your audiences.

Use the form below, email us or call +44 (0)141 226 8808 to book this professional webinar production training package now for £2,950 (plus VAT).

Use the form below to register. We may ask you some questions in advance. Then we will send you scheduling options to find the best time for us both. And send a payment link for a deposit to secure your session (with the rest payable after the second workshop).

Book now with confidence. Need to reschedule? No problem. And if you have to cancel (in advance) for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund.

We’ve Learned From Experience

Ultimately, we have learned our trade and honed our skills by building our creative brands (TRADtv, Radio Magnetic and Walking Heads) and working for global brands, world-class arts, culture and heritage organisations and progressive public agencies and third sector pioneers. In addition to helping you cure your branded content audience engagement campaign headaches, we can create bespoke production, training and consultancy packages. Please get in touch with Inner Ear; we’d love to hear from you.

Let’s make your branded content audience engagement campaign the best it can be so we can bring your audience closer and realise its full potential.