Live streaming, Podcasting and Interactive Storytelling

We have combined live streaming and podcast production with programme making to magnetise, motivate and monetise audiences since we launched Radio Magnetic. Because of this, Inner Ear is ideally positioned to help you energise your audience. And so we can do everything for you, work with you or support you to deliver your project for yourself.

Inner Ear provides a suite of creative and technical services to energise your audience


Content creation (live programmes, podcasts and interactive stories) to energise your online audience by Inner Ear. Cassette tape photo.

We create content to energise your online audience. Our content formats include live programmes, podcasts, audio tours, video features and documentaries. Thus, our services include planning, production and publication.


Digital media content management and communication (live streaming, podcasting and audio walking tour publication) to energise your online audience by Inner Ear. Retro reel to reel photo.

We can also help you to realise your audience’s value with over the top services (i.e. branding and pay-per-view). So to reach people we distribute content via live streaming, podcasting and interactive experiences.


Digital media consultancy  (supporting your live streaming and podcasting projects) to help you to energise your online audience by Inner Ear. 1980s telephone photo.

Additionally, we can support you to deliver your project yourself. To do this we offer bespoke advice and training, creative strategy and information resources and research. Ultimately, with our help, we aim to empower you to be able to run your own projects.

If your problem is “how do I reach my audience?” then we can help you solve it through live streaming, podcasting or interactive storytelling

And if what you are doing or selling is:

  1. Bringing a product to market
  2. Running an event
  3. An enriching experience (educational, entertaining, etc.)

then we think your objectives are to:

  1. Magnetise (engage) your audience
  2. Motivate your audience to do something
  3. Monetise your audience

How does the engaging content manifest?

It could be a live event — public or private — with jeopardy and/or big reveal, which could be a competition, product or media launch or a live debate with audience interaction. You might do something that has long-tail repeat viewing value, like a performance, lecture or discussion, exhibition or demonstration. Or it could be an exploration or investigation where we (the audience/consumers) discover or learn something.

How do we help our clients solve their problem by reaching their audience and satisfying their objectives?

We can do this by live streaming an activity (like an public event or a special private programme). And this could be free-to-air or pay-per-view. Alternatively we could document your activity by capturing an event as if it was a live stream and then creating content from it. And because we have captured the action, we can make that available in a number of ways.

Consequently we can use the recorded material to make feature programmes. These can be one off pieces or part of a series. Episodes can be short or long-form. And formats can include documentary, discussion, interview or investigation. Or we can have some fun with the audience and engage them in a special digital experience such as an interactive tour, treasure hunt or “choose your own adventure” story or invite them to take part in a gameshow.

What formats can we produce?

Ever since we launched Radio Magnetic in March 2001, we have been creating content for our clients and our own creative brands (Radio Magnetic, TRADtv and Walking Heads). The formats we are most experienced and skilled at producing are:

Live content
(video or audio)

  • Live coverage, event documentation programme
  • Entertainment, chat show or magazine programme

On demand content (audio or video)

  • Features: documentary, interviews, etc.
  • Video content (for TV or digital distribution)
  • Audio content (for radio or digital distribution)

Interactive content
(for example)

  • Audio walking tour
  • Choose your own adventure audio and/or animated drama
  • Audience participation activities

How much does it cost to produce a live stream or podcast?

We get asked this a lot, and the answer is seldom the same twice because the expertise, equipment, time and people required to deliver a project can vary considerably. So while we cost each job individually, we can give you a useful guide to our pricing, whether we are doing everything for you, working with you to deliver your project or supporting you through information, training and advice so we can do it yourself.

To make the live streaming, podcasting and interactive storytelling productions we create for clients, or to provide the consultancy support we offer, we cover a comprehensive set of service elements that enable us to get the job done. Sometimes clients ask us what parts of the project we can handle, so we thought it would be useful to list them here.

Live video streaming
Live audio streaming
Podcast distribution
Live programme making
Live event recording & capture
Live music/performance recording & capture
Podcast production
Video production
Audio tour production
Interactive story production
Research projects
Bespoke training
Workshop delivery
Insight and analysis
Planning, preparation, logistics, arrangements
Creative direction
Music supervision
Design and art direction
Talent identification, booking and management
Agreements, permissions, rights and clearance
Research, storyboarding, writing and scripting
Directing the talent/presenters/action
Rehearsal (technical and talent)
Producing the programmes
Live production, filming and recording
Backup, storage and file management
Video editing
Audio editing
Audio mixing
Accessibility enhancements (subtitling, BSL, audio description)
Review and amendments
Quality control
Finalisation and delivery
Content management, discoverability
Publication on platforms
Identifying promotional partners
Monetisation mechanics
Audience data reporting
Exploiting content asset potential
Review and revision