Janet West from Inner Ear live event digital media coverage client Cowal Highland Gathering (for the World Highland Dancing Championship live stream)

Janet West, Cowal Gathering

“Inner Ear has worked with Cowal Gathering for several years now. Every year we ask their team to add something new, this year it was to provide a livestream of an additional stage, meaning broadcast quality video of all three highland dancing stages over the three days of the event. Cowal Gathering has a very discerning audience who are looking for the smallest nuance in each of the dancers. This means the live stream has to be both high quality and stable, to allow viewers from across the world the best possible view of what’s happening live.

With event costs rising we looked at how we could monetise this year’s livestream and took a hybrid approach, where we offered two and a half days of viewing free and put the World Highland Dancing Finals behind a paywall. This was the perfect solution for us, for this year and Inner Ear was able to provide this service professionally and without question. As well as providing Cowal Gathering with a first-class service, which frees up my time to concentrate on other aspects of the event, the team is helpful, knowledgeable and great fun.”