Helen Urquhart from Inner Ear client the National Piping Centre

Helen Urquhart, National Piping Centre

The National Piping Centre have worked closely with Inner Ear for over a decade, and in that time, Inner Ear have made it possible for us to achieve live streaming of many great events. The Inner Ear team are great to work with, from ideation and project set up, to problem solving on the day. Dougal and the team will work with you to create a great event set up and make the event as smooth as possible. They are very professional in approach and are prepared for all eventuality, including very poor internet signal in remote locations, and stay wonderfully calm under pressure.

The team are all very easy to work with, they understand that you maybe don’t understand the tech and are always open to answering questions, as well as making your vision for a livestream event come into being. Working with Inner Ear feels like an extension of our own team, helping making every event we work on as good as it can be and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.