Hugh W Deery interviews Australian piping fan at the World Pipe Band Championships 2023 during Inner Ear's live stream of the event from Glasgow Green

How To Entice Tourists By Live Streaming The Worlds

All the world’s pipe band audiences meet in Glasgow in August. We have been live streaming the pipe band world’s flagship events. And the energised online audience hang off every note. If you have enthusiasm and engagement like this, then you have an opportunity to showcase the city as a must-see destination. “Visiting Glasgow is on our bucket list,” piping fans told us.

Glasgow Life produces the World Pipe Band Championships (aka “The Worlds”) on behalf of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (RSPBA). Whereas BBC Scotland broadcasts the second day, in 2013, we were commissioned to live stream the first day. Our aim is to get people to visit in the future. Each year we strive to improve our coverage. 

The Worlds 2023 Highlights

Live Streaming Compelling Coverage

Since 2015, we have been creating content to play during competition breaks. We often do this with big events because it gives the audience variety, keeps them interested and enables us to share client messages.

In this case the message is:
Come to Glasgow, it’s a great place, with friendly people, and there’s loads of music and culture to experience.
We agree wholeheartedly.

Inner Ear

Pipe bands rehearse around the city. The Piping Live! Festival brings talent to Glasgow to take part in activities before The Worlds. To cover the action, our roaming team immerse themselves in what’s happening; interviewing interesting people and filming performances. Because we have great connections in the traditional music scene through our web TV brand TRADtv, we have excellent access to talent. (And because of Radio Magnetic, we enjoy similar access with electronic, hip hop, soul, jazz and indie music.)

Pipe Bands from Zimbabwe and Auckland, the Wheeled Piper and Malin Makes Music were amongst our highlights from our coverage of the week of The Worlds and Piping Live! And, of course, we were impressed with this year’s winners, People’s Ford Boghall and Bathgate.

A Valuable Community

The event is buzzing. Over 4,000 pipers take part, 10,000 people attend the event and 50,000 watch it online. On the day we put together a programme that includes live links and pieces to camera, the features we create during the week, vox pop interviews conducted with pipers, pundits and punters during the day and all of the performances from the Grade 1 Arena.

We use this content to energise the audience and showcase both the event and the city. Viewers watch from all over the world, especially the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and the Netherlands. And that online audience attends future events. This is illustrated by the comments they post on the live stream and in social media. We know from our Glenfiddich Piping Championship research that 10% of the audience attend because they have watched previous live streamed coverage.

If 1% of The World Pipe Band Championships live stream viewers visit Glasgow for a future event, then with an average spend of£1,500 per head accommodation, eating and drinking, getting around and tickets, the local economy would earn £750,000 extra from the online audience.

Inner Ear

With a sound understanding of cultural tourism, an inside perspective on the subject matter and solid approach to technical delivery, we are well placed to deliver projects like this. So let’s talk about how we can help you bring your audience closer and realise extra value.

The World Pipe Band Championships 2023 Live Stream