Walking Heads: Comedy and Music Tours

Since 2011, Inner Ear have worked on and collaborated with Walking Heads to produce a series of self-guided interactive audio walking tours and apps, taking people to exciting places and guiding them off of the beaten track in cities we love to explore.

Edinburgh Comedy Tour

The first of these was our Edinburgh Comedy Tour, released in the summer of 2011 to coincide with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and led and narrated by two great comedians Harry Gooch (Improv Academy) and Jamie MacDonald (That Funny Blind Guy). The tour offers a unique insight into the background of many of the city’s most historic comedy venues and beyond, taking you on a hapless adventure led by our blind professor and his accident-prone assistant.

The tour features additional commentary and some outlandishly funny stories from much-celebrated Scottish comedians, Susan Morrison and Bruce Morton, sharing gossip from behind the scenes of some of Scotland and Edinburgh’s most remarkable comics and comedy venues.

Since the original Walking Heads Edinburgh Comedy Tour app was released in 2011, we joined forces with the fantastic touring app platform, GuidiGo to deliver a special free edition of this tour also. Now available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Watch the trailer Inner Ear produced for the Edinburgh Comedy Tour.

Glasgow Music Tour

The second tour Inner Ear helped produce in collaboration with Walking Heads was the Glasgow Music Tour, released in 2012 and taking audiences on an alternative journey through Glasgow’s music scene, venues and world-renowned music acts both past and present.

Delving deep into the heart and soul of one of the world’s most culturally rich and celebrated musical cities, the Glasgow Music Tour is led by popular Scottish new music purveyor, journalist and radio presenter Jim Gellatly. The app allows users to discover the city along with a diverse and locally sourced soundtrack featuring interviews and commentary from renowned bands such as Glasgow’s Mogwai and Scottish music industry aficionado BBC’s Vic Galloway.

Since release, we have split the tour into 4 sections and collaborated with GuidiGo in making our Glasgow Music Tour available on their touring app platform also.

Watch the trailer Inner Ear produced for the Walking Heads Glasgow Music Tour.

We have since created specialist audio tours and treasure hunts as part of the Merchant City Festival in 2013 and the Glasgow Film Festival in 2014. Get in touch to discuss how specialist audio can help drive engagement and develop your audience.