Current Eye: Online Discussion Series

Tim Wright (Twintangibles) and Dougal Perman (Inner Ear / Radio Magnetic) present their new online discussion programme live from our Inner Ear studio in Glasgow with comment and opinion on hot topics in social media, technology and creative culture.

DIY smartphone games building pioneer and Zap Coder founder Roger Dubar joins Tim Wright and Dougal Perman to talk about creating interactive experiences on the fly in Episode 11 of Current Eye. We also ponder the future of wearable tech (in the light of the Apple iWatch announcement), wonder what Microsoft will do with their big buck acquisition of Minecraft consider what the pervasiveness of Facebook Messenger means for telecoms.

David Alexander, CEO of Mydex, speaks to Tim Wright and Dougal Perman about how his new community interest, not-for-profit, company helps people manage their data securely. The Current Eye duo also explore the Eiger in 360° amongst other things in this action packed 10th Episode…

Tim Wright and Dougal Perman speak to Bruce Newlands from Maklab and follow the creation of the parts for an open source beehive, which they’ll assemble live on the Current Eye in this 9th Episode. We also look back at live streaming Sound To Sea and consider digital media in the arts in reference to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, amongst other festivities.

Tim and Dougal speak to Tom Walkinshaw of Alba Orbital who are fostering a community around DIY satellites. The pair also keep an eye on Google Glass, explore walking tours and look forward to Festival 2014.

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Tim and Dougal welcome guests Jo and Sarah on to the show to talk about Cyclechack, reflect on the Open Innovation 2.0 conference in Dublin, the conclusion of Azerroth Choppers and discuss hackathons.

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Rise of the Humans, D14, Scottish Album of the Year Award, Azeroth Chopper results Mydex and Pocketqube are all on the table for discussion this evening with Greg Kane once again joining Tim Wright and Dougal Perman for Episode 6 of Current Eye.

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Autonomous Seagoing vehicles, Big data on climate Change and an interview with AG Funder are amongst topics for discussion on Current Eye: Episode 5 with Tim Wright and Dougal Perman.

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Greg Kane joins Dougal Perman and Tim Wright to discuss building Azeroth Choppers in World of Warcraft, how the Chromecast makes smart TVs redundant and we speak to Phil Geraghty, CEO of Crowdfunder, about that platform’s recent three-hour £650K equity raise on Crowdcube.

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Disruptive bees, streaming education, bitcoin as the new gold standard and future finance are all under the watchful eyes of Tim Wright and Dougal Perman in the third episode of Current Eye.

In episode two Tim and Dougal consider how live streaming is evolving as a medium. We also speak to Brewdog co-founder James Watt.

In episode one Tim and Dougal explore the collaborative economy and discuss the repair fair phenomenon. We also feature an interview with Glasgow Film Festival co-director Allison Gardener.

In the pilot episode Tim and Dougal explore, amongst other things, crowdfunding trends, the potential for live streaming events and how brands are engaging with audiences through social content.

Watch the pilot episode of Current Eye.