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Here are second draft versions of the highlights vox pop interview videos we captured at the Tackling the Technology Gap Together Action Plan Launch Event. The vox pop videos should now be ready to sign off. Please also provide feedback for the highlights video so that it can either be amended or finalised. Please note…(Read More)

In preparation for an interesting live streaming gig, I’ve been experimenting with streaming to three different platforms concurrently. (I use the word concurrently because in the old days of streaming media we used to talk about concurrent listeners or viewers. And I have trouble spelling the word simultaneously.) This is quite a demanding thing…(Read More)

Here is the first draft of the Knockengorroch 2016 promotional video, incorporating clips from the interview we conducted with the Holmes family and footage that we shot at the festival this year. This video is intended to use in promoting the festival and driving ticket sales. Please note: the sound needs properly mixed for this…(Read More)

Here are the Lenovo Servers podcast episodes for review by TBT. These versions have been amended following feedback and uploaded for review and approval on 09/12/15 at 13:00. Episode 1 (featuring Clive Morris) Click on the player below to listen to this episode or right click here to download the MP3. [audio…(Read More)

These videos were captured at the Dallas And Devolution Manchester Conference which took place in the Odeon, PrintWorks, Manchester, on Thursday 12 November 2015. Please note that these videos are for reference only. Some audio processing has been applied but otherwise they are from a single camera (with no alternative shots or slides yet incorporated…(Read More)

Live streaming events in a web TV style to create captivating content can engage audiences, increase reach and add value. This presentation, by creative content communications company Inner Ear ( presents a selection of examples, from our company’s own work, and some that we admire. Engaging Audiences through Live Streaming from…(Read More)

Here is the content we made for the MyMindFix product to help men overcome the issue of premature ejaculation through hypnosis. Promotional Teaser Video Introduction to MyMindFix Request for Testimonials…(Read More)

To demonstrate how digital media content creation company Inner Ear (working on behalf of FMC Technologies) would like interviews to be conducted and captured, we have produced demonstration videos (shot on location at FMC Technologies Dunfermline on Tuesday 7 July 2015). The passwords for the videos are the same as the one for this post…(Read More)

Creative industries convention and showcase XpoNorth asked us to deliver a live video streaming workshop in Stornoway. Part of the Honeycomb Creative Works programme, this interactive workshop took participants through the theory and practice of how to setup, manage, produce and analyse a live video stream. This is the agenda for the day. And here…(Read More)