Boost Audience Engagement; Empower Yourself With Expert Digital Media Training

In the constantly changing world of business, engaging your audience effectively is both an art and a science. Inner Ear’s expert-led digital media training is your gateway to mastering this craft so you can boost audience engagement. Our specialist training packages offer you the knowledge and skills to captivate your audience, whether through webinars, live streaming or branded content. Elevate your digital media capabilities and transform how you connect with your audience in a world where attention is the most valued currency.

We have three training packages on offer

A sound engineer on a live shoot for professional webinar production training
Worry less written on a page to show Master Stress-Free Live Streaming by Inner Ear
Filming worship for livestream at Bethel Church in Austin, TX. Demonstrating branded content audience engagement

Once we start working with you, we tailor all of our training packages to help you achieve your objectives. If you want something you don’t see here, please get in touch with Inner Ear and we can design a bespoke training and consultancy programme especially for you to help you boost audience engagement. That can include podcasting, internet radio, remote participation and interactive storytelling.

Our director, Dougal Perman, is writing a book about live streaming currently (called “This Is What Streams Are Made Of”). Join the waiting list to be the first to find out when it is published because the first 25 people to buy the book get the opportunity to have a free consultancy session.

Concert TUYA. Inner Ear's specialist training can help you boost audience engagement
Photo by Jorge Gordo on Unsplash