How To Live Stream from Mobile: For Microsoft and Glenfiddich

We are experienced in producing live stream from mobile. Building on years of live broadcasts from club nights in the early 2000s for our internet radio station, Radio Magnetic.  Creative content communication company Inner Ear has a long heritage in utilising pioneering technology. You could say we’ve been ahead of the curve.

As a result, in 2013 we used bonded 3G mobile to live stream the launch of Microsoft Office 365. Working with PR company, 33 Digital we devised a program delivered from a moving London routemaster bus. Because Inner Ear has experience with remote delivery, we readily accepted this challenge. We used mobile broadband by Prodec Networks to broadcast events like the Microsoft Office 365 Product Launch, Scottish Album of the Year Award and Glenfiddich Piping Championship.

This presentation (below) accompanied a talk at Prodec’s How Businesses Can Utilise 4G conference on 31 October 2013.  Inner Ear director Dougal Perman gave Dougal talked about how Inner Ear uses mobile broadband on location. Inner Ear uses technology to enhance what it does creatively.  Finally you can discover the benefits we have helped  deliver.

Live Video Streaming Using Bonded 3G Mobile Broadband, by Inner Ear from Inner Ear