Still from The List play during Stellar Quines Rehearsal Rooms live stream by Inner Ear — a woman sits at a desk, starkly lit and alone in a black box theatre setting

This Is The Exclusive Stellar Quines Rehearsal Rooms Live Stream

Audience development is crucial for any performing arts organisation. Engaging the audience is a vital part of that development. Audience reaction is valuable in the development of new work. So for all these reasons Inner Ear was commissioned to produce live stream Stellar Quines Rehearsal Rooms events. This particular show featured a work in progress performance of a production called The List.

We streamed the performance from Traverse 2 using two cameras, a vision mixer, audio mixer and a matched pair of condenser mics. Then we facilitated an after show discussion video conference (via Skype) with the playwright and translator, who were based in Montreal. We streamed everything through our favourite video streaming platform (at the time), Livestream.

Creating A Trailer From The Stellar Quines Rehearsal Rooms Clips

Here’s a trailer for the show we created using clips from the live stream. We made this before we invested in digital kit. In fact, there wasn’t much live digital video equipment available at the time. So the recording was in SD (standard definition).

Making a trailer wasn’t part of the original brief. But when the theatre company’s producer asked us if we could make one, we wanted to help. So, because the staging was very simple, we went for an artistic treatment. We made a feature of the black box staging, minimal set and movement and stark lighting. We used dialogue quotes in the video.

Looking back at it, we’re quite pleased. It’s basic and low-fi, but it works. The production style was ahead of its time. Apart from the obviously SD video clips (which we could have a go at upscaling with the magic Topaz Labs Video software), the use of extracts from the original Stellar Quines Rehearsal Rooms live stream archive, moving the position of the clip on screen and dynamic text is all quite contemporary.

Stellar Quines Theatre Company Presents: The List (Trailer) from Inner Ear on Vimeo.

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