Online Video Product: Pass Perfection



Inner Ear recently teamed up with our friend and popular Scottish mind expert Brian Costello at Headstrong NLP to develop and produce an online video series for one of his carefully crafted courses.

The course, developed by Brian through years of his practical live classes, workshops and sessions on the topic, has been specially put together to help anyone sitting any kind of exam through their time of study and big pressure exam moments. Simple, easy to follow techniques along with a series of tasks and learnings delivered through 14 short video lectures and 4 audio MP3 meditations, makes this Pass Perfection package ideal for anyone with limited time who wants to make the most of their study and walk into their exams in a calm and confident manner.

Watch the promo video we produced for the Pass Perfection video system.

We shot all of the course videos in one day session with mind expert Brian, where he impressively relayed all of this hugely valuable information, advice and techniques unscripted and entirely from his own memory. We then had him in the Inner Ear studios for another day to record the series of meditation MP3s to help prepare students for studying, relax the mind before their exams and finally help wind them down after their big test. Using Brian’s skill set, knowledge and unique expertise, we were able to capture a full course over just two days, that was years of hard graft in the making.

We then set about creating the online product to put this fantastic package of content out to the world. We worked on a new website for Pass Perfection, linking it in to the current Headstrong NLP website, as well as setting up the video and audio package for purchase and starting our own mailing list for all of our keen students to find out more and keep up to date with any developments around the product.

To find out more and to view or purchase the online product, visit:

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