Lightbulb moments: A string of good ideas. (Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash)

Helping Creative Practitioners learn Digital Media Research, Content Management and Presentation Skills

Take your project to your audience, share the experience and bring them closer to your message. To provide a creative approach and technical backbone for participants in Creative Scotland’s Stay See Share programme, Inner Ear devised and delivered a training and support programme focused on using digital media content to connect audiences with creative people’s ideas and stories.

In the later stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, Creative Scotland’s Go See Share programme became Stay See Share. Because travel, especially international, was restricted, the funding programme offered successful applications: “research time to investigate a project, idea or a business and then share this learning to peers here in Scotland”.

To help participants get the most out of this opportunity, we applied what we know from our extensive experience in digital media production to a training and support programme.

Inner Ear

Our process was split into three phases: Gather (research, arrange, organise), Document (record, edit, produce) and Share (tell, present, disseminate). To impart this we employed a three-part strategy:

  1. Relevance
    What you take from the experience and decide to share should be relevant to your work and of interest to your network
  2. Personalisation
    The output and medium should reflect your practice, artform and/or discipline.
  3. Simplification
    Make sense of the information you have gathered. Make sure you understand it and your audience does too. Remove obstacles; edit, reduce, refine.

Participants included fascinating people from the world of virtual fashion, meditation and music, multicultural community development, artistic value policy and textile design. They found our training useful for their research work, editing and content management and dissemination, which took the form of audio and video production, live streaming and visual arts.

Engagement with participants was through one training session, follow up support and presentation advice. We’ve designed and delivered many consultancy projects, workshops, courses and seminars throughout Inner Ear’s history (from 2001 onwards). Speak to us about your digital training advice training, and support needs, especially for live streaming, podcasting and content management.